An HVAC Service Can Be a Life-Saver

When some people hear the words HVAC service, they automatically think of the heating and cooling aspects of the system and rightfully so. Both of these aspects are extremely important. Being in the middle of a snow storm in December, without a properly functioning heating unit can be miserable. The same can be said for the warmer months. Without direct access to an air conditioning unit during the hot summer months can be unbearable and even dangerous. Although these are both vital aspects that an HVAC service provides, there is another feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. That is the ventilation feature.

Proper ventilation may not necessarily bring comfort during extremely cold or hot months, but it still plays a vital role in people’s homes; or in any building for that matter. In every home, there are things that emit gases that can be harmful to those inside. For instance, radon gases and carbon monoxide can seep out from under the floorboards. Some of the symptoms of radon gas inhalation are chest pain, wheezing and a bad cough. This gas is even believed to be the number one cause of lung cancer in those that don’t even smoke. So, not only can it cause annoying symptoms, it can even lead to death. Carbon Monoxide is another toxic gas that can cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and a bad headache. Most of all, it can lead to death, similar to prolonged exposure to radon gases.

Without the adequate amount of ventilation that an HVAC service professional can provide, homeowners are left to deal with the consequences of these dangerous chemicals.

Paint is another thing that can cause issues in a home that is not properly ventilated. The dangers aren’t necessarily prevalent after the paint has dried. However, if someone is in the process of painting the walls in their home, proper ventilation is a must. It’s not that the fumes are as dangerous as carbon monoxide and radon gases. However, it can still cause symptoms such as memory loss, dizziness and respiratory irritation.

One of the worse things about fumes and toxic gases is the fact that they tend to be odorless, colorless and invisible. So, homeowners would never know if they are in their homes until it’s too late or they have a professional come out and run tests.

So, an HVAC service does more than just provide heat in the winter and cold air during the summer. However, they provide a form of ventilation that keeps everyone in the home safe from toxic chemicals. Without proper ventilation, a homeowner is putting everyone who lives in their home at risk of respiratory issues and even premature death.

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Strategies to Sell Your House Yourself – Pay Close Attention to Experts & Ignore Them at Your Peril!

When you are trying to sell your house yourself, you may have dispensed the services of an agent, but you should heed the advice given by other professionals. Prior to putting your home on the market, you will need the services of a professional inspector. Get your inspector to thoroughly examine your home and pick up valuable tips that could mean the difference between success and failure.

One of the major things to be aware of when selling your house yourself is the property’s electrical wiring. The last thing you want is for all your sale profits to go towards the cost of a lawyer because faulty wiring caused serious damage to your home.

All experts will mention the radon test to you. If your home has high levels of radon, this can be easily fixed. Plus this is a huge plus point for potential buyers. For the most accurate results, you should have a thorough radon test and then do a retest afterward. Mention this to buyers when they visit.

Always check that the inspection company will provide a detailed written report. You can get these fill-in-the-blanks type of reports, but an extensive, professionally written report will be far more favourable in any prospective buyer’s eyes.

Make sure your house inspector checks your septic tank, if you have one, with a percolation test, . Something as simple as a bad smell can send buyer’s packing in their droves, even if there is nothing else wrong with your home! Carry out any necessary repairs or be honest and upfront with your buyer’s if repairs are required.

You should always make sure that you disclose every fact about repairs and discrepancies straight away. Perhaps even point out the specifics from your written report. Your honesty should allow you a quicker sale when selling your house yourself. If your buyers start to notice things that you hadn’t previously disclosed, this can spell nothing but trouble!

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The Leading Causes Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a serious health problem, it is essentially the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs.

This growth of unhealthy cells can start anywhere in the lungs.

Lung cancer is actually the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Of those people who contract lung cancer, less than half of them survive one year. The quicker you notice symptom and have it diagnosed, the quicker treatment can begin and the odds improve.

The leading cause of lung cancer is smoking. More than eighty five percent of people who have lung cancer have gotten it from smoking.

If a person smokes a pack a day, they have twenty times the risk of getting lung cancer or some other serious health problem than a person who doesn’t smoke at all.

There are so many carcinogens in tobacco smoke that they constantly damage the healthy cells of the lungs, and the risk goes up for smokers depending on how long they have smoked and how much they have smoked.

There are other causes of lung cancer for healthy people who don’t smoke

These causes include asbestos, which used to be used in building materials. It enters a healthy person’s lungs by inhaling, and then attaches to the respiratory lining.

People who get lung cancer from asbestos exposure usually get it from work or from living in an older home.

Some doctors also think that women who are exposed to tobacco smoke, are more likely to have lung cancer than men exposed to smoke. Researchers have found a gene called GRPR which causes unusual cell growth in people exposed to cigarette smoke. This gene is more active in women than in men and may explain why females are more prone to lung cancer.

Some research has indicated a diet low in fruit and vegetables may increase the chances of developing cancer if exposed to tobacco smoke. Some evidence shows fruit and vegetables may protect against lung cancer.

The final cause of lung cancer in healthy people is radon exposure.

Radon is a gas which is naturally released from soil and rocks. In closed spaces like caves, basements and other areas, it can become concentrated and cause lung cancer or other health problems. It is always a good idea to have a home checked for radon levels because there are things that can be done to lower them to more acceptable levels.

The good news?

When smokers quit smoking, their risk for getting lung cancer goes down immediately and continues to decrease every year that they don’t smoke.

It is also an interesting fact that 25% of nonsmokers that get lung cancer live with smokers, so the secondhand smoke is most likely the cause of their lung cancer health issues.



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Protect Your Lungs

Lungs are one of the most important parts of your body, which helps you to breathe. We intake oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The quality of air that we intake results in the good or bad health of our lungs. There are many types of lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergy, lung cancer, Sarcoidosis, Interstitial lung disease, Tuberculosis, sleep apnea etc. There are different causes for these diseases but the following are the basic points that can be considered to protect the lung disease.

1. If you don’t smoke, don’t start!

2. If you smoke or use tobacco, quit. Quitting is the most important thing you can do to keep your lungs healthy and prevent disease. Smoking damages your lungs and increases your risk for a number of diseases including lung cancer. It’s never too late to quit.

3. Teach your children about the dangers of smoking and be a role model by not smoking or by quitting now.

4. Avoid second-hand smoke. Breathing the smoke from cigarettes and pipes increases your risk for the same diseases that affect people who smoke. Don’t allow smoking in your home, in the car, or at work.

5. Many lung diseases are highly contagious so one has to make sure that they wash their and hands and cover their coughs and sneezes as this may result in common viral infections such as cough, cold and flu. Wash your hands properly as your hands can carry a lot of germs and your chances of falling ill may increase.

6. Do your best to control outdoor air pollution and keep the air we breathe clean.

7. Learn about indoor air pollution and what you can do to reduce your exposure. For example, turn on the exhaust fan when you cook and avoid using aerosol products (e.g. aerosol can of hair spray).

8. Regular physical exercise is good for your whole body and especially your lungs. Exercise makes your lungs stronger and better.

9. Pay attention to your health at work. Avoid breathing toxic fumes from chemicals, solvents, and paints. Wear a protective mask when you work with chemicals and report unsafe working conditions.

10. At work or at home stay away from asbestos. Always wear protective clothing including a facemask if you are working with asbestos.

11. Check if there are high levels of Radon gas at your home or workplace. People working in mines are often exposed to Radon gas. Kits are found in hardware stores that help in measuring the amount of Radon gas at home.

12. Eat a healthy diet. Use a plenty of fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

13. The Indian way of Yoga, Pranayam (Breathing exercise) is also very helpful in protecting your lungs.

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