Well Water Purification – How Well Water Can Be Dangerously Contaminated by Totally Natural Nasties

Well water purification is the last thing people in ‘clean’ environments consider they need. After all, they live in beautiful, sometimes remote, areas with well water their only option and with no factories or dirty neighbors in sight, they think the best they can do is bring up water from under the virgin earth on which they live.

Sadly, some of the most pristine areas of out country are those most in need of well water purification. The reason is simple: they need well water purification systems because even ‘natural’ water can be contaminated.

There are six main causes of this. And microorganisms are one. I’m talking about things like bacteria and viruses that lie in the soil or rocks of land that seems to the casual onlooker to be empty and therefor ‘clean’. These will get collected next time it rains and moved by the natural seeping of that water into the ground water aquifers that the wells tap into. It doesn’t take long for those microorganisms to come up in the wells and get pumped into the home. You know when the worst of them are there because you and the children get sick with diarrhea.

Another naturally occurring group of contaminants are the radionuclides such as uranium and radium. If they are present in the underground rocks in your area, then water will dissolve traces of them and that will seep into the area of the water table where your well draws water from. That’s a particularly lethal reason to install some sort of well water purification.

The gas radon is another reason to purify your well water. It forms naturally when uranium occurs in the soil. The element breaks down and radon gas is formed. You’ll increase your risk of getting lung cancer if you breathe it in. But if it dissolves in local water, finds its way to the area where you well if sited, and come into your drinking water you are at risk of ill health. Babies feeding on lot of liquids, as they will be if they are being fed baby formula, for example, are particularly at risk. Where uranium and radon are present well water purification has to be installed.

Another naturally occurring set of compound we need to keep out of well water are the nitrates and nitrites, formed when natural nitrates in the soil break up. Water will dissolve them and take them down to the water layers where your well ends. And if you drink a lot of that water you will get sick. Again, you’ll need a good well water purification system to protect you.

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And then there are the heavy metals found naturally in rocks, like arsenic, cadmium, chromium and lead. All of them are bad for us. Some people think another naturally occurring compound, fluoride, is also bad for us. Well it is also gong to get into the water table if it is present in the rocks and soils of your area.

Well water purification suddenly becomes an issue, even in remoter homes where there are no factories nearby dumping industrial waste into streams or holes in the ground. As you consider what type of purification system to install I have two suggestions.

First, look for a set of purification filters that will keep out the natural contaminants I’ve listed. And second, look for a purification system that will keep the good trace minerals in the water.

My second recommendation means that you should not install something like a reverse osmosis well water purification system that pumps out sterile water after removing all the healthy natural essential minerals like calcium an d magnesium. The essential minerals that you absolutely must have to be well and healthy.

On my web site you can find out more about well water purification systems that could take the place of reverse osmosis ones, so if you are looking for a place to learn more about purifying your well water, you might like to begin there.

Len McGrane writes about home water purifiers and pure drinking water from his web site, www.pure-drinkingwater.com [http://www.pure-drinkingwater.com] where he gives advice and helps visitors with well water purification [http://www.pure-drinkingwater.com].

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