Basement Bar – Prepare Your Space First Pt 2 – Air Quality

Air quality changes as soon as you waterproof your basement. You might ask yourself: “how in the world does that change your air quality?”

Air travels through the pores in your concrete by natural earth air flow; through lose soil. It comes into your basement pulling radon, mold spores, and evaporated exterior water molecules. By installing a vapor barrier along your foundation wall that ties into the interior drain system, you redirect the moisture and other nasty business into the drain below the floor and it’s then dealt with by the sump pump. Radon might need further remediation, but that can be done with a closed interior drain system like the GrateDrain. Radon remediation kits can be ducted into the GrateDrain, thus increasing the reach of the remediation method and still taking care of the moisture control.

Now that you have your vapor barrier in place you’re now dealing with the air quality in your house. You’re no longer constantly pulling air through your foundation bringing with it excess moisture. Your AC will now run smoother and more effectively, even low efficiency dehumidifiers will work better because there’s a correctable amount of moisture that is now in the air.

Now you’ve taken care of any moisture issues, you’re able to heat and cool the area better, dehumidify the area quicker and more effectively, and you’ll be protecting the investment in your new shinny bar in your basement.

Just another note: if and when you do decide to finish your basement or do any major project in the basement it’s important to first deal with a basement finishing company. The products they use are produced and designed to be used below grade in areas that can be susceptible to higher humidity levels.

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