The Dangers of Natural and Man Made Radiation

Radiation has been a concern of individuals and governments since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2, and there have been many safety measures taken to prevent it from killing people. Despite their concern, nuclear radiation is only one part of the problem. It is not the only form of radiation that you need to be concerned about.

Natural Sources of Radiation

Aside from the man made causes of radiation, there are a number of natural causes of radiation that can be a serious threat. Radon is one of the main forms of natural radiation, and it is considered second only to smoking as a main cause of lung cancer. Radon is normally found in soil, but it can be found nearly everywhere. There are a number of radioactive elements in the ground beneath our feet and homes, and the radioactive elements decay and turn into radon gas. This radon gas tends to seep through the ground and into homes, and they can be a serious health concern for many people.

There is a good deal of radiation in outer space, such as gamma rays and charged particles. The atmosphere around earth filters out most of the radiation, but there is still a good amount that makes it through. The altitude of a region determines how much cosmic radiation affects the residents. For instance, you are exposed to cosmic radiation when you fly.

Man made Radiation

Man has learned how to harness the power of electricity, X-rays, and a number of other forms of energy, including atomic energy. Many of these forms of energy are known to produce radiation, radiation that can do serious harm to the human body if exposed for too long. While not all of the following forms of man made radiation will be harmful in small quantities, it is important that you are made aware in order to avoid as much as you can.

Medical Radiation

A study in 2009 was published and revealed that 50% of the radiation that most Americans are exposed to comes from medical equipment. This medical equipment includes CT-scans, X-rays, and mammogram tests. All of these tests use specific forms of radiation to perform a diagnostic of the human body. It’s ironic and outrageous that the equipment used to diagnose diseases may be causing some of it. The amount of radiation that the body is exposed to depends entirely on the type and frequency of the procedure, but more and more people are being exposed to radiation unnecessarily.

Thermography is a much safer option as opposed to mammography because it is non invasive, emits no radiation, costs less and is better at detecting problems.

Airport Body Scanners

Many scientists and doctors are expressing their concerns over full body scanners used at airports that take images of your naked body. Not only are they a violation of your constitutional rights but they can also harm your body. There have been no scientific studies done by an independent panel of unbiased scientists to prove these machines are safe. These devices concentrate radiation on the skin and the underlying tissue and is not evenly distributed throughout the body. Basically, many doctors and scientists agree that there is a high risk of cancers and other problems as a result of using these scanners.


Microwaves have been proven to be one of the most common sources of radiation in the world, due to the fact that a large number of households in the world own and operate a microwave. Microwaves use heat to increase the internal temperature of food by causing the water molecules in the food to vibrate and turn to steam. This heats the food, but it also heats the plastic or aluminum container in which the food is placed. This heating can cause serious poisoning to the human body, and the toxins in these various man made containers can be incredibly harmful.

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The amount of energy that is able to leak through the front panel of the microwave is insignificant, according to the FDA. The farther away you are from the panel, the less energy you are exposed to. However, despite the many precautions taken to prevent radiation from escaping the inside of a microwave, there is still significantly more radiation in a kitchen where a microwave is operated than in a kitchen without. Microwaves can even travel through walls, which is why it is important to determine if the levels of radiation coming from your microwave oven are harmful or not. It is easy to purchase a radiation tester to determine how much radiation is present in your home.

The reason that microwaves can be so harmful is that they are simply a type of electromagnetic radiation. The magnetic and electrical energy that move together to make microwaves are nearly as low as radio waves, and these radio waves cause the water molecules in food to vibrate rapidly. Microwaves are designed to break cells apart, and the radiation caused by microwave ovens can make the cells in the human body more susceptible to microorganisms like fungi and viruses.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are used by a large number of people in the world, but what most people don’t know is that they are exposed to radiation every time they use their cell phone. The reason for this is that the radio waves used to transmit cell phone signal are electromagnetic waves similar to microwaves, and these waves have a direct effect on the parotid gland.

The parotid gland is similar to the salivary glands, and it is located directly next to the spot where most people hold their cell phone. A surprising increase in parotid gland cancer has been linked to the use of cellular phones, as there was no increase in cancer in either the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands. These two glands are far enough away from the cell phone that it has little effect on them, but the parotid gland is close enough that the electromagnetic waves of the cellular phone can have a negative effect on them.

The number of cases of parotid gland cancer went up between 1970 and 2006, increasing 400% in the years that cell phones were becoming increasingly popular. A recent study has shown that 20% of the people who suffer from salivary gland tumors are those who are younger than 20, the ones who use their phones the most.

In 2008 a United States Senate report stated:

Your risk increases by 34% if you have been a regular cell phone user for more than 5 years

Your risk increases by 58% if you have made or received more than 5,500 calls total in your lifetime

Your risk increases 49% if you have talked on your cell phone for over 266.3 hours total in your life

Most people don’t know how real the threat of cancer due to radiation exposure from cell phones is, and it is important to realize that the threat of cancer is a real one. It is recommended that you hold your phone away from your head, and most cell phone manufacturers specify a minimum distance of 1 inch in order to avoid radiation poisoning from your cell phone. It’s best to keep your conversations short and use a land line whenever possible.

Be careful of your surroundings and what you are exposing your body to. You should be informed of the risks and then make decisions as you see fit.

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