How Drinking Water From Your Home Water Filter Can Become Contaminated

Filtered water from your own home water treatment could save you money. Beside the environmental hazard of empty plastic bottles, depending on bottled water could be very expensive. Tap water has been shown to better than most bottled water.

However, disturbing news about certain public water treatment facility practices can make one wonder if drinking water from such treatment facility is dependable. This was shown in a recent report in Canada and in US that operators admitted to doctoring water quality analysis in order to make the water appear clean. Also, adequately treated water can be contaminated within the house plumbing systems.

To ensure clean healthy water, many people have purchased a home water treatment device. These devices are designed to remove harmful chemicals in drinking water. But without proper maintenance, filtered water can become contaminated. This could happen in a couple of ways as shown in the following explanations.

First, scientists say that drinking water can pick up radon in the home. Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and radioactive which can occur naturally in the air by the breakdown of uranium. According to Penn State Agricultural and Biological Engineering, if radon contaminates your drinking water, and the water passes through an activated carbon filter, the system could become radioactive, making the dispensed water even more dangerous.

Secondly, the media in a water treatment device helps reduce contaminants in your drinking water when contaminants are trapped in the filter pores or when they adhere to the surface of the media. The filter pores have limited capacity to allow water to pass through them. So, as more water is used the pores can become clogged with the contaminants, or it may accumulate too much on the media surface.

If the filter is not replaced according to manufacturer’s recommendations, the contaminants on the media surface could become some large that it will eventually fall off and contaminate the water being filtered. In some cases, it may even be necessary to change your filter cartridges more frequently due to the quality of your water.

It is therefore recommended that you should check the radon level in your home after you have installed a water filter, and to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for water filter replacement cartridges.

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