Carbon Monoxide Kills – 3 Ways to Lower Your Home’s Levels Overnight

Carbon monoxide is known as the “Silent KIller” because it kills people every year in America. Most of the time the un-lucky person doesn’t even know its happening. Basically they just go to sleep and don’t wake up.

Don’t let this easily preventable condition happen in your home. Follow these 3 Life-saving Tips to Lower Your Homes Levels Virtually Overnight:

  • Inspect or replace the filters in or outside your furnace twice during each season or most definitely at least once at the beginning of the season. Not changing the filter in your furnace can prevent the flow of oxygen to return to the combustion chamber. This condition could lead to improper combustion and the release of excess carbon monoxide into the un-vented basement area.
  • Some oil fired furnaces and hot water tanks have draft dampers on them. If your not quite sure what I am talking about…a draft damper is an opening on a exhaust flue coming from the furnace and/or water heater which is partitioned off my a piece of metal. This piece of metal is pressurized by airflow and can open and close to draft the vent. Inspect draft damper is not opening and closing properly it could lead to improper combustion in the chamber and release excessive carbon monoxide into the basement or furnace area.
  • The easiest way to prevent a build up of carbon monoxide is to service your fuel burning appliances yearly. I know it might sound ridiculous, but having the furnace, water heater and gas stove evaluated by a certified technician every year is the easiest way to prevent a leak. Some appliances never ever get evaluated or inspected. This is why most appliances fail. Also when you call for serving an appliance, the service man usually carries a carbon monoxide detector and can check the appliances for you.

I know the above 3 tips are not the greatest “hidden tips and hints”…but the fact of the matter is, the above ways can help you prevent an over exposure to carbon monoxide and that can be extremely valuable. The only true way to know if your home has a carbon monoxide problem is to have your home checked by a certified professional while your furnace or heater is in use. Everyone that watches the news knows the hidden dangers of Carbon Monoxide and Radon. They are nothing to joke around with…they make people sick..and kill. Don’t let this happen to you, do yourself a favor and get your home checked for CO and RADON. You will sleep better at night knowing that you did.

More and more people are getting sick in homes and they are placing the blame on Radon. If you haven’t tested your home yet…. click here and see my latest Do-it-yourself Home Radon testing kit and sleep good at night knowing you’re home has been tested and you’re family is breathing clean air..!

Author: John Fordyce
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